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dysttalis is a band from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that formed out of a 90’s rock band called Messenger. Messenger collapsed in the late 90’s after a decade of solid entertainment in Edmonton and the band fell apart due to... who really knows? No one’s fault... life!

12 years later… Derrick and Darren run into each other at a store, freak right out, found out they live 7 blocks from each other. They get together jamming songs, really more babbling about the last 12 YEARS! And an idea comes up... Let’s put the band back together!!!  Messenger front man Bryan told them to “get Jack”, but finding Jack proved to be harder than finding big foot. They almost give up.  “One last f**kin time I’m calling him, if he doesn’t answer that’s it were done!”  After a grueling 8 months of stalking the man Jack; finally he answers the phone.

dysttalis has not had an easy ride over the last 10 years writing music since the trio (Jack, Darren and Derrick) agreed to form the new band.  Bryan opted out to stay home in Vancouver and we wish him well.  dysttalis even breaks up for a year and a half over musical differences.  They find each other again after Jack went out on sabbatical and tried some different things with other musicians.  They work out ways to not take everything so personally.  They learn how to make creative compromises and they learn how to communicate. Every band goes through that as you write and perform, it just happens, but it’s how you deal with it.  dysttalis has become a very tight-knit, very close, three CEO, run the show rock and roll band!  They have become the closest of friends. They are very smart and extremely talented musicians who can smash up an instant party and keep you there.  This band has really reached its prime in the last 2 years sounding more original by every song.

Three kicks at the cat for these rockers!  They are serious, they rock!  See a show and you will know!  They have just released their first album as dysttalis on January 26, 2015, a full year in the making, I might add. The record is self-titled. They will be out aggressively looking to entertain you, where ever you are!

PS: Watch out as there are rumors of a book 2025!

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